Article Index




The Article Index is a handy reference guide that will direct you to the year, volume, issue and page of the topic you are looking for. This index list every article published in by Koi USA since 1980 and will allow you to sort by topic, author, year or by any column listed.

When you first open the file, the sort will be by the type of topic in an alphabetical listing. If there is a topic of interest you’d like to read, the year, volume and page number is displayed.

Article index image 1





To change and sort by author, you would click on the grey bar at the top of the file (in this case column “H” lists the name of the author). Once selecting, the entire column will be highlighted.

article index image 2






After the column is highlighted as shown in blue, select the sort button in your excel tool bar.

article index image 3






After clicking on the sort button of the excel toolbar, you’ll get a pop-up asking to expand the selection. You want to select “Expand the selection” and click on “Sort”

article index image 4











The article index will now display all articles grouped by author.

article index image 5





You can use the same steps listed above to sort by any column but remember to select the button “Expand the selection” before sorting or only the column selected will sort.

We hope this helps you to find the past articles you are looking for.