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By Larry Iles

Yet another year has come and gone and we find ourselves living in 2017! I really hope 2016 was a good year for you and that 2017 is even better. With winter fully upon us I’m seeing a lot of pictures of frozen ponds, some covered with a blanket of snow, others with a thin sheet of ice, you know the drill.

Managing stress in a winter wonderland can be difficult and sometimes confusing. James Reilly shares some sage advice on how to have a well informed and balanced view of cool water management for the sake of Koi health and your own peace of mind.

Taking care of Koi Health is always a prime topic of discussion, and this month we have a LOT of ground to cover for you. This month’s “Learning with KHA” is a great read for those who may have considered enrolling in the KHA program but just haven’t pulled the trigger. Jerold Kyle takes on more of your questions this month to make sure you are well informed and encouraged. We also have several important articles about the AKCA “Project KHV” I’d encourage you to read. First, we have an overview of the research we’ve successfully funded since 2010, and it is pretty impressive. Then there is the “Fast Start Initiative”, which provides you with all of the information you and your club will need to kick off an effective fundraising effort for Project KHV research in the years ahead. We’ve come far and you have helped make that possible, so let’s keep it going.

It just wouldn’t be complete without a taking you along to a few Koi Show, and this time around we get to do some world traveling. We’ll start off with Kay Barutha and the 2016 South Carolina Koi and Water Garden Society show. From there Michael Hernandez takes us half way around the world to the 2016 Philippines Koi Show. Page after page of beautiful Koi and wonderful people.

As always, be sure to check out this month’s Calendar of Events. Winter is fully upon us, but there are always events coming up you’ll want to prepare for.

Once again it is time to get a look at the Koi of the Year awards with Garry Chin. Congratulations to the winners and all of the entrants who were kind enough to share their living jewels with us once again.

Jeff Fleisher (Mr. Fixit) shares a great article on setting up a Bakki Shower for all you DIY types. He speaks truth to the old adage that “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”, and does so in fine fashion.

In closing, I need to say goodbye to an old friend. Louie Hernandez was a dear friend anyone who knew him, to this hobby for many decades, and a wonderful man throughout his life. Such a genuine smile that will always be remembered as a reflection of the man behind it. His passing in December came as sad news to all of us who knew him and we continue to hold his family up in our prayers.

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