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By Larry Iles

Last month as I sat down to write I had just come in from the pond. Today I’m sitting by the fire I built a little while ago. It’s only 9degrees outside, the Koi are all hanging out well below the icy cold surface, and there’s not much to do beyond making sure everything is running properly. Been there, done that, life is good.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but whatever you do to take care of your koi as the seasons change is important every day. Extreme heat or cold can be very demanding on any filtration system, and taking good care of your water is job #1, 365 days a year. (I just checked my calendar to make sure this wasn’t leap year. I’d hate to leave a day out…)

With water quality in mind, I hope you’ll spend some quality time with Jim Reilly. Keeping koi healthy in a closed system isn’t rocket science, but it does come with some challenges. Understanding when we’re doing too little or too much is important, and success is often a matter of knowing the difference. James shares his wisdom with us once again this month as we strive to find that balance.

On the topic of health, we have several updates on KHV research to keep you informed and equipped with the right tools to prevent an infection in your pond. GI Joe was right. “Knowing is half the battle”, and we do our best to keep our readers up to speed on current research and a complete understanding of how the disease functions. Thanks to you the AKCA has been able to fund a great deal of research at OSU, and your continued support in this effort is vital to improve our understanding and hopefully find a cure.

One of the keys to the kingdom of koi health is the KHA program offered by the AKCA. It Is an outstanding program offered to all, and in this months “A Reader Asks” Jerold Kyle has some news for you that you may not be aware of. You really want to read this…

Speaking of things you don’t want to miss, we’re going to Koi Shows. Teri Alexander takes us along to see the Michigan Koi and Pond Club show. It’s always nice to spend some quality time with quality people, and getting to see their beautiful Koi is icing on the cake. Then we’re off to spend time with Kay Barutha and everyone at the South Carolina Koi and Water Garden Society Show. They celebrated their 10th anniversary by breaking all of their previous records, and we get to join the fun.

While we’re on the subject of Koi Shows, last year Don and Brenda Chandler went on a road trip. I got to spend a few days hanging out with them at the Dallas Show but they weren’t done trekking around. From there they went on to San Antonio’s Show, and they’ve got pictures from both they’re sharing with us this month. Great fish, awesome people, what more could you want???

By the way, we’ve got something you may be interested in adding to your “want” list. The AKCA and Koi USA have a handy field guide you need to check out. It’s a handy and beautiful tool for any Koi lover that I’m sure you’ll love.

Anyone thinking about building a pond? Rebuilding an old one? Just want to peek at someone else’s for a little while? Well you’re in the right place. We’ll start out with an up-close look at Vince and Donna Hernandez’ beautiful pond. Many thanks to John Svelan and Bill Newell for bringing it to our pages. If that isn’t quite enough for you, check out the one from John Willis. From bare dirt to the beautifully finished product, you get to see it all. A lot of thoughtful planning went into both and we’re lucky to get such a great view of it all.

We’re also lucky to get a close look at a Koi Farm, but this time we’re crossing the Atlantic and headed for Oxfordshire, England and visiting Cuttlebrook Koi Farm. Koi Farms are always a pleasure to visit, and Mark and Lisa Davis are wonderful hosts with an impressive track record.

There are always new things coming up somewhere near you, but if you don’t take a look at this months Calendar of Events you might miss out! Koi Show, Pond Tours, Club Meetings, you name it. Check it out so you don’t miss out.

Sometimes we get to say thank you to some special people. This month Pauline Sakai shares some thank-you moments with us as she shares the work and wisdom of some of her Club’s founders, in particular Ken Gray, who passed away this past September. Thanks Pauline.

We bid another fond farewell to a lady I only met last year, Ally Chibana. She has long been a Koi enthusiast and dear friend of many in the hobby and will be sorely missed.

Thanks again for your readership and for your support of the AKCA.

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