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Well, we’re off to the races. Summertime is here, the water is nice and warm, the Koi are hungry as horses, and hopefully all is going well with your personal Oasis. Our Oasis’ come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, and in this month’s issue James Reilly shares some pearls of wisdom that will help those of you new to this hobby to better understand the differences. Different can be good, as long as you respect those distinctions and manage them well.

Speaking of different, we have some great coverage of two of the best Koi Shows in the USA, and a real treat from the Mountain View Koi Club. The Dallas and San Diego Koi Shows are premier events every year, and we’re excited that they’ve shared their stories with us once again this year. From there we head north to Montreal, where the Mountain View Koi Club put on an educational exhibition at one of the most beautiful Botanical Gardens in North America. We’re sure you’ll enjoy what they have shared with us this month.

Many of our readers are regular attendees at Koi Shows, but those of you who’ve never been are really missing out. Our own Carole Elliot has been to many, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy her insights into the real value of attending, even if you aren’t entering any Koi of your own. I know I attended my first show on a whim many years ago, and I can still remember every detail.

Our good friend Mamoru Kodama has plenty to share this month, with the first chapter of his Nishikigoi Journal. He interviews Futoshi Mano of Dainichi Koi Farm, exploring the detail of what it takes to produce beautiful Koi. Listening in on a conversation between two brilliant men is something to treasure, and I hope you soak it all in.

Soaking in a little good advice on Koi Health is always a welcome thing, and Jerold Kyle is at the ready with some wisdom that always serves those who heed it well. While Jerry has a way of making the seemingly complex easily understandable, sometimes things get “bigger” than we can handle on our own. This month we’re fortunate to get a look inside a real “Fish Hospital” thanks to Dr. Jessie Sanders. We all hope you never need one, but if you do, at least now you’ll know where one of them is and how it works!

While we’re on the subject of Dr’s and Koi, one of our researchers at OSU is in the news this month. Dr. Ling Jin shares news about one of her students in this issue. We’re very proud of the excellent work they’ve done and the funding we’ve provided, and seeing some of those students excel in their own right is a real joy.

From high tech, to DIY, we’ve got it all. Mr Fixit has something to share this issue that you might find handy. Thanks for bringing it home Jeff. Some of us would rather tinker with things ourselves, just like you.

Thanks again for reading Koi USA and supporting our advertisers. 40 years strong, and growing.

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