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By Larry Iles

Life is good, Koi are beautiful, and that makes life even better.

Knowledge is good too and this month’s edition of Koi USA is packed full of valuable information to make your enjoyment of the Koi hobby even better.

One of the things that typically gives hobbyists trouble is trying to figure out how to recognize “what is wrong with my fish???”. In this month’s issue Dr. Jessie M. Sanders shares some very useful tips to help you recognize symptoms before things become serious, and if serious does sneak in under the radar he has some great advice for that too. Well worth the read, and all written for the layman to easily understand and use.

Also on the health front, we have another update on the Project KHV Donations to share with you, and we definitely want to take the opportunity to say thank you to those who’ve already pitched in. This project represents a tremendous accomplishment already and we are honored to be part of it. Jerry Kyle also brings us up to speed on the continuing research efforts and more details on the tremendous progress that has already been made.

Koi Shows are always a treat, and this month John Svelan and Linda Schell-Pluth share one of the premier shows in the USA with us. The 30th Annual San Diego Koi Show was a huge success (as it always is) and the beauty of our hobby was on display. With 244 fish entered that is a LOT of beauty in one place.

Koi Shows bring the beauty to you, but Pond Tours take you to where the beauty lives every day. Mike Conrad and John Rae take us along to the Michigan Koi and Pond Club Tour, and it was a huge success. 10 Ponds, 450 guests, and wonderful people make for a beautiful day and a wonderful experience. Most of us don’t live in Michigan so it’s a real treat to get to go along for the ride.

As always, be sure to check out this month’s Calendar of Events. There is always a lot happening, and much more to look forward to if you know about it, so look closely for something fun coming up in your neck of the woods.

This month we also get another piece of education from James Reilly as he takes us through the stages of growth and development of Koi from egg to adult. To go hand in hand with that, Mamoru Kodama shares the journey of Nishikigoi through the lens of history. Living art takes time, and these articles pair to give an interesting view of how it all happened and continues to evolve.

Jerry Kyle has some excellent insights on how Koi clubs are networking, sharing, and building each other’s success as he encourages us to “Know Your Neighbors”.

Once again, Tamsie Pierce is here to share, but she has some word to the wise about Water Gardens trying to do double duty as Koi Ponds. If you’ve ever wondered “what’s the difference?” you’ll definitely want to give this a read.

Speaking of reading, I’m pretty sure I have some to do and now so do you.

Thanks again for your readership and for your support of the AKCA.

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