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EDITOR’S DESK (July/August 2018)

I don’t know about your back yard, but mine is HOT! Of course, that isn’t true everywhere. A friend of mine shared pictures of ice crystals on his wire fence just last week so I’m pretty sure his Koi aren’t swimming in the toasty warmness mine are. I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but if you water is nice and warm your fish are likely very active and hungry. That’s great and we love the extra growth and activity that brings, but there is a down-side. Warmer water carries less oxygen, which can slow down your filter. Make sure you keep up with your water tests and regular water changes this time of year and you’ll enjoy a healthy pond all summer long.

Time to hit the road. Let’s start off with a trip to Marion, Texas. Ron Harris takes us along for an inside look at the 25th Annual Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society Show. They’ve been doing this long enough to know how to get it right, and this year was no exception. Beautiful fish and even better people.

From there we move on to Minneapolis for the 10th edition of the Upper Midwest Koi Club Show with Lori Vertin as our tour guide. With 115 Koi they obviously know how to draw a crowd, and you might want to put this one on your calendar for August as the next one is coming soon.

Have you ever wondered how to pick a winner? Join the club! If you want some pointers you’ll enjoy Paul Radice’ “How to Win Baby Champion”. Every story has a beginning, and starting young is a good place to go.

Shifting gears, we once again turn to our old friend James Reilly. Understanding Metallic Koi can be difficult, so James pulls the veil back with a look at it from both a Japanese and a western worldview. You’ll enjoy it, trust me.

Jerry Kyle is back once again with the latest edition of “A Reader Asks”. This time we’re looking at how Koi handle food, and protein in particular. A fitting topic during the warm weather feeding season.

I love ponds. I really enjoy other people’s ponds. (They get to do all the work and all I must do is look). This time around we get to enjoy the pond of Carol Costarakis and Rolf Haas. Many thanks to John Svelan and Bill Newlin for sharing their visit with the rest of us.

From there we journey to Japan with Martin Symonds. This time we’re visiting the Marudo Koi Farm in Niigata. The family has a rich history and a great story to tell and I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing a slice out of their life’s work.

Life gets busy, but we don’t want you to miss out on a good time, so be sure to take advantage of this month’s Calendar of Events so you don’t miss out on the fun stuff right around the corner!

While we’re tempting you with fun, we also have a sneak peak inside Taro Kodama’s “Kokugyo 3”. Mr. Kodama has been a long-time contributor to Koi USA and widely respected for the depth of his knowledge.

Last of all, but far from least, we have what I personally feel may be one of the most important articles we’ve published in the time I’ve been here. Our good friends in Australia are facing a dilemma that has implications reaching far beyond the Koi hobby. Bradley Bradley has a lot to say about the Australian “National Carp Control Plan” that I hope you will invest some of your time in. It has long tentacles that have the potential to reach into your own back yard as well, no matter where you live.

As always, thank you all for your readership and for your support of the AKCA.

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