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By Larry Iles

“It’s the most Blunderful Time of the Year”!

I know, bad pun and the tune is a few months out of season, but this is the season to make bad choices. Late winter and early spring seem to bring every bad idea imaginable back out to thaw just one more time…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do spend a bit of time on Social Media. Mostly just sharing pictures, stories, memories, etc… with friends and family, but from time to time I get pulled into a conversation with someone who has fallen prey to every bit of bad advice any Koi lover could ever hear.

In the past week I’ve heard people recounting stories about their ice covered pond, laden with 1’ of snow on top, and just now getting around to shutting off the waterfall… They just had to post “one last picture” of the frozen icicles hanging from the falls before they shut it off I found myself feeling pain for those poor, frigid, super-cooled fish, no doubt lurking miserably on their sides at the bottom of that cold dark place.

Another is lamenting the “pea soup green water” and the next was struggling to save her gasping Koi from the ravages of a dirty pond in the dead of winter. One reversible error after another, plastered all over one random website or another in search of a quick fix.

If they had been reading Koi USA they would have known the answers to their questions and avoided all that trouble. If they were reading these pages they would know how to keep a pond well, keep fish healthy, and never find themselves in desperate need of that “quick fix”. If only they had been a subscriber they would have known better, done better, and been happier with themselves and their pond, their Koi, and themselves.

These are just a few small examples of why we publish Koi USA. We enjoy this hobby and we want that enjoyment to spread through friendship, fellowship, and education. We do our best to provide the best advice and resources to Koi keepers and Pond lovers everywhere. We share stories from around the world about beautiful Koi, well designed ponds, great shows, koi health, art, and artisans. We think these things make this hobby a pleasure and we love to share them with our readers.

Most of all, we know that it is the people we meet along the way that really make it great. Those who’ve been our mentors and those we’ve been fortunate to pass their wisdom and advice along to. I hope you are one of those who has learned well already, but if you just got here… read on. You’ve just found a new place to call home.

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