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By Larry Iles

Looking over my shoulder once again, as I sat down to write this column a few months ago I had just built a fire because it was only 9 degrees outside and my Koi were all hanging deep in the water, well below the icy cold. Today they’re giving me dirty looks because the water feels much warmer now and the urge for some tasty morsels is growing. What they don’t know is that the overnight lows are still dipping into the high 20’s later this week, so I’m going to make them wait just a little bit longer. A few days of grazing on bits of carpet algae won’t do them any harm but jumping the gun with the feed bag could. They’ll thank me later… At least I like to humor myself that they will.

Some of you are probably thinking “I wish it was that warm where I live. My Koi are under the ice!”. Others are enjoying nice warm weather and Koi Shows already. After all, we have readers in a world-wide marketplace and not everyone has the same experiences or the same seasons at the same time. No matter where you are, I hope you’re making the most of the season you’re in right now.

Making the most of things can be difficult, but there are some people who just seem to shine when that is the task at hand. Lisa Blackburn has found a shining example of that very thing, and in the process she’s added a destination to my personal bucket list. “Ponds with a Past” may inspire you to visit San Marino as well.

We all share a common love and appreciation for the beauty Koi bring to our homes and lives. Understanding how that beauty came to exist and how best to make the most of it is valuable and this month Jack Chapman and James Reilly tag-team our understanding on those subjects. James adds depth to our understanding of Sumi among different varieties of Nishikigoi while Jack shares his wisdom on how to make the wisest decisions in the care and feeding of our wet pets. Getting it right makes a big difference in how they grow, both in size and in beauty and I’m sure you’ll enjoy his advice.

As always, we have useful news on the KHA front courtesy of Jerry Kyle and Terry Maxfield. Be sure to check them out for rock solid advice and updates on the KHA program. Those of you who are either enrolled in the KHA program or considering it need to be sure to read Terry’s KHA Corner for some important information.

On the Koi show front, we have 2 shows to share this time around. Nancy Moore takes us on a journey to the Washington Koi and Water Garden Society’s 26th annual show. They’ve been doing it well for a long time and this year was no exception.

After that, Rosimeri Tran takes us to Fresno for the 39th Annual Central California Koi Society show. Only a handful of clubs have been putting on a show that long, and these guys really know how to do it right. Great people and a wonderful time we all get to share in, even if it is in print instead of in person.

Next, we’re off to Michigan for the MKPC 2017 Pond Tour, courtesy of Teri Alexander. 19 years and still running strong we all get to share the sights with our hosts gracious hosts once again, and as always, the people and places are a real treat.

On the Koi Health front, we have updates to share on the AKCA project KHV efforts, as well as some important information from KHV research that has been going on around the world. There is much to be learned, even after all these years of study and we always do what we can to keep you informed so we can all be aware and well prepared for whatever may come our way.

There is always something happening somewhere in the world of Koi, and we don’t want you to miss a thing, so be sure to take advantage of this months Calendar of Events so you don’t miss out on a good time!

As always, thank you all for your readership and for your support of the AKCA.

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