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By Larry Iles

Well Spring has finally sprung and many of you have the green water to prove it…

The annual battle for control over not only the water quality but also the appearance of our water can be very trying on our patience – and if we run low on patience it can punch holes in our wallets as well. The temptation to “nuke it all” with big doses of whatever the latest and greatest chemical soup is is always there, and it doesn’t always go according to plan.

Fortunately for you, we have a magazine filled with words of wisdom on good water management, and the timing really couldn’t be much better. Jim Reilly shares another Ramble about Organic Waste Management, emphasizing the nature, cause, and treatments for DOC’s in the water. Well worth the time to read.

Jerry Kyle has some good advice on the proper use of PP, contrasting the treatment levels for general “pond clean-up” vs. parasite treatments. PP is a popular treatment with many hobbyists, but if you don’t heed the advice Jerry has to share you may get results that are disastrous! Read well, and heed his words of wisdom.

Ben Plonski is back this month with the third and final installment of his “Living Water” series. Understanding the life that is part of everything in our ponds and water is vital to having the kind of happy experience your hobby is all about, and this has been a great series. Thank you, Ben. J

Martin Symonds shares another installment on the recovery from the 2004 Niigata earthquake. 10 years later, we get a new picture of the progress that has been made and the contrasts are amazing.

A lot of us enjoy using solar power for part of our energy around the pond (or home for that matter) and Eric Castillio has been kind enough to answer some frequently asked questions on the subject. With the continual advances in technology there are always new possibilities waiting around the corner and the more we know the wiser we can be in putting them to good use.

You never know what’s going to happen when you go to a koi show. You might even surprise yourself and win something big like John Watkins did – but I think I’ll just let you read about it because it sounds so much better coming straight from the source.

There are just a few more things to talk about, namely the Hobbyist Spotlight and Artists Corner. We are always on the hunt for a Hobbyist (or two) to showcase, and the artistic nature of Nishikigoi just BEGS for every opportunity for a Human Artist to come into the picture. Please share your ideas, your ponds, your hobby, and if you are so inspired, your ART (or favorite artist). Again this month, we have neither.


Last but not least, don’t forget the annual AKCA Business Meeting, Banquet, and KHA Wet Lab coming up June 20 & 21st in Sacramento. We have plenty of room left for you, but please get your reservations in soon. It is a great time for everyone and you will be glad you went.

One last thing. Please remember to thank our advertisers with your business. Your magazine is supported by their advertising dollars, and your gratitude to them is best expressed with the business you bring through their doors.


Until next time, have a wonderful spring and enjoy your koi! Larry


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