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By Larry Iles

Here comes winter, and being prepared for that is an annual reminder of the seasonal nature of our hobby and the needs of our wet pets. Things don’t shut down, but they do shift into a different gear and move a bit slower. At first things are still pretty normal, but the skimmer needs a lot more attention as autumn leaves begin to fall. As the water cools down the ability of our filtration to manage waste begins to taper off with every passing day, and if you live where winters are truly cold things will eventually slow to a crawl.

How to handle that well is the theme of this month’s installment from James Reilly. Winter feeding is the topic, and taking a well informed and rational approach is the goal. Koi beauty may be the joy of this hobby on the surface, but being a good caretaker of our works of living art is where that beauty is maintained.

On the topic of health, Project KHV is always at the forefront and this month Jerold Kyle has some important things to say about our continuing research. Much progress has been made but there is a lot left to do so I hope you’ll invest some time and attention to this month’s update and the path forward.

Sometimes the path forward is unexpected, and Rob Fales has just such a tale to tell in this month’s issue. The devastating Blue Cut fire in Cajon Pass put a lot of people, property, and pets in harm’s way, and the Inland Koi Society was called upon to rescue a large number of Koi. Koi Kichi to the Rescue!

Story telling is an art, and we’ve got a few great Koi Farm stories to share this month.

Martin Symond takes us along to Koda Koi Farm for a visit with Masato Hoshino. Koi have been part of his family for 4 generations and he is carrying on the family tradition in fine fashion.

Then we have Mamoru Kodama’s visit with Kuniyasu Hiroi. He unfolds the history and mystery of Goshiki for us like no other can. It is a wonderful story of patience and perseverance that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Then Carol Elliott takes us on a very special tour of a unique Beverly Hills Estate. The home of an artist, complete with the living jewels of art named Koi. It truly is a “you’ve got to see it to believe it” kind of place, and thanks to Carol we get to do just that.

Time to go to a few Koi Shows, and we start with Pama Bangeman’s coverage of the Oregon Koi and Water Garden Society show. It has long been a favorite with some of the finest people you would ever want to meet making it all happen for the past 15 years.

From there we’re off to the ZNA NorCal Koi Show with Don Chamberlain and friends. It is always a fantastic show, and you’ll understand why after reading along with Don, Adra, and Julie.

As always, be sure to check out this month’s Calendar of Events. Winter may be knocking at our door, but there are always events coming up you’ll want to prepare for. If it wasn’t for that I might’ve missed the Koi Show I just got home from, and that would never do.

Last but far from least, it is time to revisit and renew the Koi of the Year awards with Garry Chin. Picking up an old tradition and making it new once again. As always, we’re grateful for your readership and ever hopeful for an even brighter future.

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