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By Larry Iles

Don’t you love going out to be by your pond just to hear the sound of running water and see living works of art floating before your eyes? Me too. In fact, that’s exactly what I was just doing one minute ago. There’s a good chance that as you read these words I’ll be doing it again, even with winter coming our way.

While Nishikigoi are seasonal by nature, caring for their home and appreciating their health and beauty isn’t. They are both a year around duty and pleasure rolled together.

That is why I hope you’ll spend some quality time with Jerry Kyle and Terry Maxfield in this months edition. The AKCA and the KHA program are valuable to you and I hope you’ll explore that value with them.

James Reilly is back with some wisdom on Koi health as well with his column on Columnaris Flexibacter. Now I know that topic may sound intimidating if you aren’t familiar with medical jargon, but lucky you, James speaks the language of ordinary mortals like you and I so its an easy read. The old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true and you’ll find his advice helpful as always.

Darren Rudham gives us an interesting take on an often neglected subject you may find interesting. “Koi in a Bubble” offers a fresh look at an old problem that could save you problems down the road so give it some serious thought, especially if you have a mature pond.

We also get to take a long look at some of the top Koi Shows in the country, beginning with Heather Hales article on last years Arizona Koi Association Koi Show. One of the oldest and best in the country, and the next one is right around the corner. From there we move on to Dallas, and while I missed this years show (sorry guys, I had scheduling conflicts this time around) those who were there enjoyed some special Koi. I mean some REALLY special Koi. You’ll understand when you read John Ames article and see the photo’s. Trust me.

Carole Elliot takes us on a very special tour of a truly unique pond and home in Newport Beach. Many thanks to Richard and Marilyn Moriarty for their hospitality and support of KOI USA and the So Cal Koi Club and on this occasion for sharing their home with us.

So, how many of you are do-it-yourself types? I confess to being one myself, and while I can’t “see” your hands going up I’m betting I’m not alone. Well Rick and Stephanie Ortenzio are some serious DIYer’s themselves and this month they are kind enough to share their journey with us. Rick and Stephanie, I feel your pain and your satisfaction and I’m sure many of our readers will appreciate your hard work. Having dug plenty of that same San Juaquin hardpan myself it makes my back hurt a little just thinking about it. If you aren’t from California you’ll just have to take my word for it…

There are always new things coming up somewhere near you, but if you don’t take a look at this months Calendar of Events you might miss out! Koi Show, Pond Tours, Club Meetings, you name it. Check it out so you don’t miss the boat.

Tamsie Pierce brings us her interview with “Master Showa” as he gives some pointers to the young Koi who swim with him in the pond they call home. This time he’s giving pointers on “String Algae”, which is the bane of many pond owners existence. Someday I want to find out how she gets those interviews…

Thanks again for your readership and for your support of the AKCA.

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