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By Larry Iles

Some might think our stunning cover photo this month is a bit of a departure for KOI USA magazine but, hey, sometimes that’s a good thing – and we think this is one of them. After all, the AKCA is a big tent organization with plenty of room for both koi purists and water garden folks alike.


So if you’ve got enough property to build them both, like Bonnie McIlvaine from the Koi Club of San Diego does, then why not have two ponds: One of hers is a 5,500 gallon formal koi pond in the entry way covered by a custom copper and stained glass pergola (stocked with large, show quality koi), while the other is a 4,000 gallon natural water garden that’s the home of goldfish and beautiful tropical plants of every variety. Beef or Chicken: Why not both???


While we’re on the subject, our good friend Jim Reilly has shared a good ramble on the differences between Koi Ponds and Garden Ponds that we’re sure you’ll both enjoy and appreciate, and to make things even better, we’ve got two great pond tours courtesy of David Gould and Norm Call to give you a bird’s eye view of some stunning examples of both.


Speaking of Ponds, with autumn in the air (for most of us anyway) Jackie Alsup has been kind enough to share some sage advice on preparing for winter (while sympathizing with our plight…) Since I just came in from removing yet another crop of freshly fallen leaves from the skimmer… again… I can really identify with the title of his article. Of course it really is worth all the extra time and trouble, which is why Jerry’s “It’s a Love Affair” rings so true. The love affair just keeps on going as we get a guided tour of the ZNA NorCal Koi Show with Don Chamberlain as our guide and more Koi Art from Claudia Nice.


We get to take a look inside Izumiya Koi Farm thanks to Martin Symonds, which means big Koi and Bullfighting all in one day. It is a great story of excellence and determination that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Another story of excellence comes our way from Galen Hansen as he shares a personal tribute to Tom Ayers, a truly dedicated Koi Hobbyist who embodied so much of true character that the AKCA hopes to build.


On the Koi Health front Jerry Kyle fills us in on some of the groundbreaking progress being made as a result of the AKCA’s funding of Project KHV and Julie Miller has news about the KHA education program for the coming year.


And now for a few Mea Culpa’s. If there is one thing in life I’ve managed to perfect it is my uncanny ability to make mistakes, so here are a few corrections from previous issues.


For starters, in our Jun/Jul issue, Ian Andrews “selected an outstanding Kin Ki Kokuryu for the Australian Koi Association friendship award (photo 18)” at the Koi Club of San Diego show. Unfortunately, the photo did not show the selected koi, owned by Carole Elliott; here is a photo of the correct koi. Sorry, Carole.


In the better late than never category, it has come to our attention that WAY,WAY BACK in 2012, we credited the wrong person with winning the 2011 AKCA Koi of the Year – on the cover of our Nov/Dec issue, no less! Time has passed but the true owner of that beautiful showa has finally stepped forward: Ann Nguyen of ZNA NorCal Chapter. Belated congrats to Ann!


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