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By Larry Iles

Life is good and so are the Koi. I’ve been seeing a lot of beauties showing up at some or our advertisers shops lately, so it looks like the excellence just keeps on rolling from all our favorite breeders. You might want to check some of them out for yourself. If you don’t you might miss the one you’ve been waiting for all along…

We’re on the road again, and this time around we’re off to the always beautiful NWKG ZNA Koi Show. They’ve been at it for 37 years now, so they’ve pretty well figured out how to do it right and this year was no exception. This time around it was 3 shows all rolled up into one just to make things even more interesting. Thanks to Brady Layman we get an inside look at everything so Lucky Us!

From there we Travel on to Japan with Martin Symonds for a visit to Hoshikin Koi Farm. I’ve seen some truly amazing Koi come from this farm, and with a track record of 70 years long and going it seems to me a worthwhile journey.

Next we’re off to South Carolina to the 20th annual SCKWGS Annual Pond Tour. Once again Kay Barutha invites us to go along for the ride and it is sure to please. 10 ponds, 3 towns, and a lot of wonderful people to share the day with. That sounds like a pretty good time to me.

Shifting gears, we once again turn to our old friend James Reilly. Understanding ponds, water, fish, plants, filtration, etc… has always been a difficult thing to teach. In a small space, Jim once again breaks things down into smaller parts that are pretty easy to digest.

Anybody up for some minor repairs? If so, Jim Phillips is on board to teach you how to repair a split fin. It is a fairly common issue faced by many Koi keepers (including myself at the moment) and knowing how to make a proper repair without traumatizing your fish AND yourself is a very good thing.

Just in case it may have slipped your mind, you don’t fool with mother nature. “Mother is the Boss” is a great reminder of that and a good lesson in good Koi keeping along with a nice tasty slice of humble pie for dessert.

Terry Maxfield is back with some helpful advice for our new KHA candidates, so if you are one (or have been thinking about it) be sure to give his open letter a good read.

As always, be sure to check out this month’s Calendar of Events so you don’t miss out on something good. I happen to know that there are a LOT of great events coming up across the entire USA and you’ll want to make plans to catch at least one or two of them.

Speaking of good times, Don and Brenda Chandler have a lot to share from one of their journeys. While most of us are all about the Koi, there is something incredibly serene about a beautiful lily pond. Take a stroll through the garden with them and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Last month’s article concerning Australia’s consideration of releasing KHV into the wild for carp population control has been on my mind a lot, and in this month’s updates from KHV research around the world you’ll find some interesting food for thought. I’m seriously hoping that anyone considering this approach to Carp control will read it and hit the pause button.

Crossing my fingers that they do…

As always, thank you all for your readership and for your support of the AKCA.

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