Larry Iles Koi USA Editor

By Larry Iles

These are exciting times at Koi USA and we’re so happy you are part of them.


In this issue you’ll go trekking around the country with Koi Shows and Pond Tours in Louisiana, Michigan, and California. I know that’s a lot of miles, but the Deep South Koi and Pond Society, Michigan Koi and Pond Club, Golden Empire Koi Show, and Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Society know how to make it fun and you get to see the highlights without all the travel time.


For the next leg or our travels, Martin Symonds takes us to Japan for an inside look at Kaneko Koi Farm. Not only do we get to visit the farm, he takes us on a journey through time as Komei Kaneko shares the history of his Koi Farm from its very humble beginnings.


On the artistic front, we have beauty added thanks to Claudia Nice that I’m sure all of us will enjoy along with Art in another form in our Hobbyist Spotlight. Nurullah Ansari has taken the Art and Science of an intelligently designed Koi Pond and elevated them in both form and function.


James Reilly shares a good ramble on Organic Waste Management that is always welcome, and for those of you who may be experiencing water use restrictions this is extremely critical. The health of our Koi and Ponds always revolves around water, and a little wisdom from Jim on that topic is very well timed.


Julie and Jerry are always on point with news on the Koi Health front, and this month is no exception. The AKCA (thanks to Julie and Jerry) had a great year with our KHA program and we’re proud to welcome our most recent group of graduates and it is really exciting to see so many more enrolled this year. Jerry shares some words of wisdom on good health and growth with his article on a successful Koi growth in his article “A Club Member Asks”.


One of the things we take great pride in is our involvement in KHV research. Koi USA and the AKCA have been playing an important role in raising funds for this important work for 15 years now, and you in this month’s issue you can see how that money has been put to good use and get an in-depth look at the next phase of the research that now beginning. The progress that has already been made has been exciting, and Dr Lin Jin’s new Grant Proposal is in this issue for you to see what comes next. We all know that some people are more into the pure Science of this than others, but I hope you will all take the time to read through it. We may be on the brink of a major breakthrough that has to potential for far reaching implications.

One last bit of exciting news I wanted to share. Koi USA is growing in our 40th year of publication. Our Advertising Director (Ron Nugent) has made new connections for us that will broaden our reach into major Book Stores, Newsstands, major Airports, and Specialty Stores across the USA beginning with our November issue. We couldn’t be more proud of the job that Ron has done and we’re really looking forward to the great opportunity this brings for the growth of our hobby and delivering even greater value to our Advertisers.

Turning 40 is working out pretty good for us!


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